Baby #4

I asked the hubs if he would like to try fostering again before we start our final adoption journey.  He said, “No”.  So there it is.  I really was hoping to; in the off chance we would get one that sticks.  But it’s ok.  So I asked him if we should start #4 now.  He again said, “No”.  I tried to explain that since this is our fourth kid and we will be limiting ourselves (as opposed to Bear’s adoption) we should be out there sooner rather than later because we need as many birthparents to see our book as possible.  He wasn’t buying it.  So, we start in May (unless I can convince him otherwise).

Let’s all start praying that the funds for kid #4 rain down upon us.  And that we only have 1 match this time.   Of course, it’s all in His timing.  But it would be so awesome for us not to have to go through any heartbreak this time around.


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