I don’t want to go into my 30’s as a fatty, so I was planning a diet/ life change after my 29th birthday.  So far, it’s been pretty easy.  I’m just eating healthier, seeing where that takes me and when spring comes around again head back into the running trail.  I plan on having a “cheat day” but not on a specific day, just on a day that I’m out to dinner with friends or something like that.  Then my cousin was telling me about how her family changed their diet for their son with autism in hopes there would be a change.  Then I read a blog about how this family changed their diet in hopes their son would improve, and it had.

So I made Honey start with me.  While this little peanut needs to gain weight and my kids ate pretty healthy, comparatively speaking, we dove in.  I am so grateful Honey is not a picky eater. I didn’t do a cleanse, we just started.  I am 100% eliminating carbohydrates and dairy from her diet.  No highly processed foods.  I am sending her to school each day with a snack and she already snuck in some of the school provided graham crackers and she WAS NOT happy that she couldn’t have milk at school.  I never allowed her to have juice, so thank God that’s not a struggle we are having now.

Can I tell you in the few days we’ve been eating like this I have noticed a HUGE difference.  Is she “cured”, no.  She still has a lot of work, but let me tell you, today she zipped up her coat ALL BY HERSELF! That is a HUGE accomplishment.  She isn’t getting nearly as frustrated.  She is able to focus slightly better.  She is answering questions correctly, ie, how old are you.  I know everyone thinks we are crazy for doing this, but I tell you what, I am excited to see where she is a year from now!


3 thoughts on “Diet

  1. I can’t speak to the no carbs/no dairy thing per se, but I definitely believe diet can have a HUGE effect on behavior. We’ve been vegan over a year now and we feel amazing– the kids still eat a regular diet at school (they have a cook onsite that makes chicken or macaroni and cheese or whatever), but I have noticed a big difference with regards to sugar. We allow very little with the kids and when they’ve had some it’s like a light switch turns on and they’re wild. 🙂 I’m also lucky to have two good eaters- I just hope their healthy eating habits carry them through adulthood.

  2. That’s so awesome! I’ve read so many stories about people changing diets to help cancer and other health problems. It’s amazing what eating differently can do. If you need any dairy free recipes let me know 🙂

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