Inducing lactation

So our little road trip was to get a script filled.

It all started with this blog post from White Sugar Brown Sugar

After reading that, I got over my insecurity.  I went into it.

I followed this link and after a few calls found a pharmacy within driving distance.

I am SOOO excited!  The Hubs ordered a breast pump for me to use, but they are taking forever processing it through our insurance (THANKS OBAMA!) So we rented one this month so I can stop putting it off and actually start trying.  Hopefully next month we won’t need the rental and I will have my own.

I started taking the pills Tuesday, and I’ve already noticed a change.  My nipples are getting more sensitive. Tuesday night I got about 10 drops out of them, but that may be the water my body absorbed from the shower I just took.  Because I haven’t had much luck since.  I am not expecting Bear to latch on.  I’m guessing that ship has sailed.  But I am going to try.  Since we are starting the process in May, I’m hoping we have a match by the time I have a full milk supply.  At least I will have some milk stored (If Bear won’t take it from a bottle).

Last night I pumped and I got 1 drop!



Have you gone down this path? Have you had success? Any tips?


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