Diet Update

Well, Honey is doing pretty great with her diet.  I think she has slightly more focus, she’s not as busy, and A LOT more affectionate.  The hardest thing for her is to watch someone else eat what she wants, ie bread.  I am doing really great too.  I have a lot more energy and overall loving it.  I am not as strict as I am making Honey.  If I’m out with the girls I would eat dinner with them. But that would be at the most a weekly thing. My greatest concern is keeping weight on Honey.  Her metabolism is so fast that she needs fat in her diet, but I’m hoping eating like this will have her just slow down overall.

I want to start documenting our progress so I can look back and see how far Honey has come. This will be a weekly feature for a while.  Sorry if you are uninterested.

** The last couple of days Honey has been really acting out and I don’t know what’s going on.  I don’t know if she has i tiny bit of cold left in her? But this is a bit of a setback


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