I.L. update

Well, I got sick and since have quit pumping.  I was feeling defeated and I quit.  I am back on my medication and hope to start trying again.  Honestly, I was really hoping for a faster reaction for the medication. I know I started this early to try to have a supply before baby #4 came to us, but not having an end date is getting to me.  And not having a baby I can picture doing this work for. (I am very skeptical Bear will take even bottles breast milk).

I am trying though again.  I ordered these two bottles off of amazon.




I was really excited to try the Como Tomo bottles because they are truly so unique.  The only hard plastic on it is the green ring which holds the silicone base to the silicone nipple.  IT IS AWESOME! Bear has really taken the switch from Dr Browns to this.  Most bottles, including Dr Brown’s, the milk comes from one hole unlike breast milk which comes from many pores. This bottle has two holes and we bought the three holed nipples when he is ready for a faster flow.

I love the Como Tomo so much that it took me a while to even try the Lansinoh bottle.  I didn’t really give it a fair trial. We used it once and it just couldn’t compare so I gave it to a friend who is breastfeeding.

If you are planning on breast feeding I would SERIOUSLY recommend the Como Tomo.  Everything about it simulates a breast as much anything that’s not a breast can. If it hasn’t it should win lots of awards.  I’ve also noticed Bear is less gassy with this bottle compared to our much loved Dr B’s.  If there was ever a bottle that would reduce and possibly eliminate nipple confusion this is it.  The only downside, and it’s not really a negative for a normal household, dog and cat hair cling to the silicone. Obviously not a big deal, but in out house, it is always covered in hair.


Finally we got our breast pump from our insurance company.  It took them FOREVER! (or what felt like forever)



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