No news

I still haven’t heard anything in regards to the 4 year old boy we were told about.  I am moving on and taking it as a dead end. We are still planning on starting for baby #4 come April or May.  As you know, I feel like we will never get matched.  Especially since we have three kids.  But we will be excited for a quick match but anticipate a couple of years.  We will see and continue to save up until our final baby is in our arms.

Of course all of this brings me back to when we thought Bear would be our fourth and final baby.  When we thought Petunia would be a permanent member of our family and the hurt and anxiety it brought of losing her.  I am PRAYING our next match is for a smooth one with no heartbreak.  I am praying for determined birthparents with strong conviction.  I know we are strong, but it would be so awesome to have it easy for once.

I hate drama, or at least I think I do.  But somehow my life has been a non stop drama pit for the last four years.  I will be excited for it to be done and I can breathe and move on.

On a sort of similar drama filled note,  I reached out to Honey’s birth grandmother via facebook. I had a friend who has A TON of friends, with a private profile copy and paste my message to her, giving her a non identifying email address.  She has a lot of friends named Ann/ Annie/ Anna so she wouldn’t know who it was, plus I altered my name even further just for some extra security.  My thinking is that since they aren’t friends it went into her “other” file, which no one checks.  So until she learns about that folder, I may not hear back.  But I am constantly checking the account.  Maybe I will have the hubs attach that account to my iphone.  Then I won’t have to worry about checking it.


2 thoughts on “No news

  1. I will be sending many positive thoughts your way for baby number 4. We fully expected a long wait for our number three- but it happened really fast…so you never know! Can’t wait to see which child life delivers your way. 🙂

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