Ok so just when I was ready to forget all about the 4 year old, his aunt calls me.  She really really wants us to have him.  I told her we were not going to wait around and we needed to know more information because we are starting our next adoption in two months.  I told her to pass along our information to the social worker so I could find out what’s really going on.  She said she would keep me updated as she learned more.  But then I found out he has a 4 month old younger half brother.  Now my dream family was 5. The hubs said 2 to 3.  We settled on 4 kids. So, I don’t know what’s going to happen.  If this boy is meant to be our son I know The Hubs wouldn’t want to separate them, and of course, neither would I.  IF we had 5 kids we would have to move the bedrooms around (not to mention really sinking in to finding a new home).  The boys would go into the girls room and vice versa. Let’s also talk about how close in age that baby is with Bear.  While we would have done artificial twinning if we still had Petunia and Bear, this just seems different for some reason.   Well, and I guess we would have “triplets”.

I’m really trying to take this all with a grain of salt.  If God wants them in our lives they will be.  He knows who our kid is and He will bring him/her.


In different news, our adoption book is complete.  We are waiting for one more bit from Bear’s bmom to add.  And I sent it to my cousin to have her and her birthparent friends look at. I sent it to our adoption agency to have them double check things and make sure we shouldn’t add or take out something.


4 thoughts on “4…5???

  1. Wow is right! Can’t wait to hear how things progress with this possible placement. Also was delighted to see the happy news on Rebecca’s blog (fosterhood) today. Yay for good news and possibilities! 🙂

    • Seriously, I am not holding my breathe. If they were serious I think the social worker would have called. We’ll see.

      I am SOOO happy for Rebecca!!!! Thank God a judge with some sense. I really hope that social worker is reprimanded. I was seriously checking her page about 50 times a day. I was really upset over how this went down.

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