I am part of an adoption support group for adoptive families that somewhat affiliates with our agency.  (By somewhat, not really.  It’s separate but our social worker is the head of it, outside of the agency).  So I am taking reservations for an upcoming speaker talking about transracial families and becoming a conspicuous family and had a question about childcare.  So I called up there and when I was on the phone I said, I think we want to start waiting come April, what do we have to do?  And she said, do you have anything you need to change (regarding our child characteristic list {Which is a huge form to check what you are and are not willing to accept in a child.  The only thing we said no to were life threatening conditions and anything that would restrict them to a wheelchair; since may or may not be able to move down the road})  I said, the only thing we want to change is the race.  We prefer not to have a caucasian child, unless the birthmom doesn’t know what race her child would be.  Of course we would never say no to a white baby if it fell in our lap.

So boom.  It was just that easy.  Come April we will begin the grueling process of THE WAIT.

Thankfully this time around I am much more at peace with things.  They will fall into place how they are supposed to.  Bear is still a baby.  While I would LOVE for them to be a year apart, it will happen when it’s supposed to happen.


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