Broken Heart

I know Honey is hard for other people to handle.  I knew this would come.  Well, it has happened before with my friends kids, but it was my friends kids.  Nobody cared.  ahhaha

So today at gymnastics one of the girls in her class approached her ever so sweetly beforehand and said, “Honey, will you please not sit so close to me today?” Honey was so confused had NO idea what she was talking about and just said sure.  Before they went out I reminded Honey not to sit next to that little girl. But I didn’t say anything thing else to anyone else.  Should I have? Should I have taken the opportunity to educate that little girl that people are different and face different challenges? I know Honey’s “quirks” are starting to age out of being cute (for the general population).  But I also felt like it was none of their business to overhear me explaining my sweet girl.  I guess I do need to come up with a plan for future occurrences.  I am NOT taking her out of the class, and if that little girl has a real problem with it, then she should look for another place to go.  I wonder if I should put Pumpkin in the class so she can protect and correct Honey?  But I don’t want Pumpkin to feel like she has to take care of Honey…

I always wanted to adopt a child with special needs.  When I was in high school I just felt a calling. And Honey is, by far, not that bad off.  But I always thought it would be my last baby so I could devote all of my attention to them and they would have older siblings to look after them.  I know Pumpkin is a “take no sh*t” kinda girl, just like momma. So I am really grateful to have her help her in school if she needs it, but I do just feel so guilty that her life will consist of sticking up for her “older” sister.  Of course, I am glad she has a sister she can stick up for.


I’m rambling with no clear thought.  I just hate that this is starting so soon.



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