adoption group

The adoptive parent support group I’m in had a speaker come and talk to us about being transracial families.  She is a mother to two black children who were adopted very young. She is also a social worker at an adoption agency. She was great, it was fun.

But what she talked about was nothing I didn’t already know.  It was a great reminder of things, and my MIL and SIL came and they really enjoyed it.  There was great feed back from everyone.

But what stuck out most was this sweet little boy who was on his way to being adopted.  We instantly connected and he was so adorable.  I kept thinking about him all night and then I realized.  He was one of the waiting boys on our county’s website.  I’m sure I didn’t even look at him because of his age.  Isn’t that pathetic.  Our county had a meeting for all of the kids that were waiting for families and I wanted to go, but for some reason I didn’t.  I know the hubs is not on board for adopting an older child.  I don’t know why I’m pulled hard in that direction.  Obviously, we are done with fostering and everything’s set up for starting for final baby.  But, I am so happy that boy has a family of his own now.  I did do another check on the waiting kids list to see if I missed anyone else  (I hadn’t)  (there are two sibling sets I would love to meet, but there is just absolutely no way)

Maybe my stupidity will allow you to open your mind to it.  This kid was awesome.  A total sweetheart.  He captured my heart within seconds.


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