My house

Me: Pumpkin, don’t you have the cutest brother in the world!

Pumpkin: Yes! He’s so cute! Cute little baby (said in her baby voice).  He’s a super hero.  Cute baby brother super hero!

Me: His power is being cute?

Pumpkin: Yes, he’s a cute baby super hero


I make the girls lunch I walk out of the room.  I come back in the room and Pumpkin’s in her underwear only


I am busy baking a cake and not watching the kids.  I look up and the girls are stroking each others faces with their old socks on their hands…


We went to T*rget today to get napkins for Pumpkin’s school party.  We walked out with $100 worth of stuff we don’t need (how does that always happen?!?) not including baby food.  But last night I realized Bear needed a raincoat especially since it’s supposed to rain all week. When looking in the clearance section there was one for $5!

I have been to T*rget twice and two different grocery stores and forgotten baby food all four times


Bear has been cracking up hysterically every time one of the girls plays with him.  He just laughs, hard, nonstop.


I let the butterflies, we watched morph, loose yesterday. I went to see if they were still there today and I saw one of the wings laying in the dirt. I feel awful.


I’m pretty sure Bear is never going to crawl.  He would rather roll all over than get on his hands and knees.


Pumpkin was in the bathroom and I sneezed.  Pumpkin yelled down, “HEY! IS EVERYTHING OK DOWN THERE?”




I picked Honey up from school so early that the teacher that puts her in my car didn’t think it was me. (we are ALWAYS late)




Honey is currently on her rolling bee pushing Bear in his walker, all around the house.


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