Quittin time

Well, I guess I am going to have to get a pro account; or quit blogging.  I have maxed out the space on two blogs now. hahahah


4 thoughts on “Quittin time

  1. Lady! You need to reduce your file size. 1000 pixels wide at 72 DPI is PLENTY big for a blog. I’ve been using the same account for 4 years and have hardly made a dent in the storage space.

  2. Agreed, file size smaller. But more importantly, you need to be hosting your photos somewhere else and then linking to them. Instead of uploading them to the blog host, which has limited storage. They weren’t really designed for photo storage. Photography-heavy bloggers upload their photos to Flickr or Photobucket and then link them. Flickr you might have to eventually buy the Pro level for unlimited space ($25/ year). That way you can also chose different sizes so they will look nice in your blog entry. You can email me if you want any suggestions.

    • Thanks ladies! Isn’t sad I have no idea how to do this stuff. I do have a Flickr pro account already but it’s private. Can I share the link to one picture without looking through them all?

      • Yes. If the photo is private it shouldn’t even appear in the blog post, it will show an error message. And if people click on a public one you link, they won’t be able to see your private ones. The rest of your privacy settings will remain the same. Flickr is excellent at keeping photos private. I have never had an issue in 7 years.

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