Letting go

Last night, I searched and searched and searched for the packet of paperwork to renew our foster license.  It is gone.  I know I didn’t throw it away.  I don’t know if The Hubs did or not.  But it’s not here.  I am taking this as a sign.  God knows our next baby is Bear’s bio sibling.  He knows we aren’t cut out for fostering.  But, maybe he placed this little boy on my heart so I would share him on here.

This is the little boy I have been so attached to.  He doesn’t need a perfect family (Lord knows, ours isn’t).  But he does need a family.  Please consider adopting an older child.  I just think about my poor Honey and her ending up on the counties website just waiting and waiting.  Moving from home to home.  If you have adopted, I’m sure it’s easy for you to look at your kids and say, what if nobody wanted them. That’s a hard thing to think about.  Right now, nobody “wants” these older children.  And that just crushes me.




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