Exciting news!

We were supposed to find out the sex over the weekend, but Bdad had to go to work.

I obviously understood, but I was also obviously sad.  I was REALLY excited.  I wasn’t sure when we would find time to reschedule. We took it day by day and finally got in on an evening appointment, today!

(yes, a picture of a picture)


I know how blessed we are to have Bmom and Bdad in our lives. We obviously didn’t get to experience Bear’s pregnancy with them.  And I was so nervous to miss out on this one too.  Luckily, they are the best and wanted to include us in something so huge. They were so sweet and kept saying things to include us. I didn’t realize our package was only 15 minutes, but the technician kept us in there for 25 minutes and that was SOOO nice.  Bmom told me to come sit right next to her, which I assumed she wanted Bdad to sit there. My heart exploded then.  (Warning my heart exploded a lot during this).  Then when she pulled up the screen we could tell immediately…


She got more angles to indeed confirm what we saw. Bmom and I were in SHOCK! We were CERTAIN it was a girl. I think I spent the next 5 minutes in total disbelief. Not that we wanted one sex or the other, but this pregnancy is SO different from Bear’s.  The ONLY doubt I had was because she was carrying low. Bdad was crying and I felt so awful and so privileged.  He was so sweet during it.  Bmom was wonderful, as always, saying super supportive things like, “I’m so happy he will have a brother” etc.  I really don’t know how we got so lucky.  I can’t imagine anyone else in our family besides them. Everything was just perfect.  Baby (Koala), kept his hand blocking his face for the most part, so Bmom got up and jumped around and he moved a little.  We saw his little fingers wiggling and again my heart exploded. Everything about it was perfect.  And I’m so glad we have Bmom and Bdad.  I love them so much and am eternally grateful. They really are a perfect match.  ❤


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