Telling the girls

I wish I would have recorded it.  Pumpkin has made it known, multiple times, she ONLY wants a girl. Honey is just so indifferent. 

The Hubs woke up with them and he said Pumpkin asked about the baby first thing in the morning 🙂   I ran in and sat at the kitchen table and told them… They are having another brother! 

Pumpkin, much to my surprise, squealed and was laughing with the biggest smile on her face. 

Then Honey chimes in, “NO! I don’t want a brother.  I only want a sister.” I said, “well that’s too bad, because you are getting a brother.”  We practiced saying his name and it’s super easy for them to say.  I ran in and got my camera and then Pumpkin joined Honey’s sister train.  I showed them pictures of the ultrasound and they are SOOO excited for November to get here.  I think they thought we were coming home with a baby last night.  This is the first time they actually have to wait a normal amount of time before a baby arrives.  They also truly seem to understand that our baby is in Bmom’s belly.  

I am still in shock and I can’t believe it.  I was so certain he was a she.  I am SOO excited that Bear will have a brother.  I am imagining all of the boys verses girls fights in my head.  Remind me while it’s going on about how excited I was for that. 


And Baby Boy to Be will officially be called Koala.  Bmom called him that during the ultrasound and I thought it was perfect. 


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