Sad for her

Well, I just saw that Honey’s half biological sibling was adopted.  I am 99% sure that’s him, because he has an unusual name.  The funny thing is, I haven’t checked our counties website in a long time since we have Koala coming.  He is 2 months younger than Bear. Which is why I’m assuming we weren’t called.  Since we were finalizing Bear’s adoption the county has a rule that you cannot add another child into the home. I will continue to believe this over, that our agency has a grudge against us for choosing Bear over Petunia.  It does make me a little sick to my stomach that siblings were split apart.  Honey will never know him as her brother. Her brothers are Bear and Koala.  But he could have been.  We wouldn’t have said no.  Bear’s parents wouldn’t have been upset about it.  They chose us under the assumption there was a good chance Petunia would have stayed.  That’s not in God’s plan and I’m ok.  I am so in love with my little man, our soon to be son, and his birthparents; I couldn’t IMAGINE having anyone but him/ them.  My kids brothers and sisters are the ones under this roof.  No if’s ands or but’s about it.  I know some people in the adoption world have different views on that.  But I feel this way, and my cousin (who’s a birth mother) feels this way.  And that’s good enough for me.  I saved his picture on the computer in case she ever asks about her half biological siblings.

While I am happy with my family, I am sad for Honey.  I am sad for that little boy that missed the chance of having his half biological sibling as his sister.  Because she is totally awesome, and makes the greatest big sister.


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