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Koala’s due date is getting closer and closer.  I am just waiting for something awful to happen.  Something so unexpected (not that I am wishing it).  I have never had it “this easy” in regards to adding a member to our family.  I almost died from Pumpkin, Honey was quickly added; but the whole fostering brought a whole new world of heartache, then the failed adoptions before Bear.  Is this my time to have “an easy pregnancy?” Us adoptive momma’s consider the waiting period, our pregnancy.  While we aren’t getting physically sick every day, we are an emotional mess.  Forever on pins and needles.  I still have a month before Koala reaches that very important 27 weeks (the time most fetuses can survive if born premature).  While Bear was induced early, it wasn’t (what I consider) medically necessary.  So I don’t know when our little Koala will be joining us.  I am SOOOO excited for him to get here.  But I am still in shock… how can it be this easy?

On another totally different note.  Bmom has requested a baby shower.  Now, I am totally a huge liberal with most important issues.  But when it comes to the non important things that only affect me, I am pretty conservative.  IE, I think baby showers for second children (unless it’s one of the partner’s first biological child) are totally taboo.  What happened to registering for only gender neutral things and saving it for your next baby?  So, when Bmom told me she really regretted not having a shower for Bear, I told her I would love to have a party but I don’t want a shower.  We have mostly everything we need (unless someone wants to give us money so we can save the cord blood, that would be awesome and I would not turn it down. haha)  So, my bff offered to throw a shower for Bmom/me/ Koala.  My bff wants it to be a shower shower.  She wants to do that for me.  So, I told her I felt comfortable having a book shower, where people bring a book as the gift, for Koala.  But I know, if I didn’t have a registry someone would show up with something we already have or that we don’t need.  So, I created a VERY small registry.  And I hate to say, I was really excited looking through everything and picking things out. While, I don’t expect anyone to buy anything off of it, it was fun to create.  So, in a couple of months, we will have our book/baby shower for Koala, and I am so exited.

Last little random update.  You all know I was pumping like crazy to try and induce lactation.  I have stopped that and started a medication regimen, to hopefully induce before he gets here.  I continue the medication until he is 32 weeks.  Then I start pumping and should hopefully produce something by the time he gets here.  Even if I can only use a supplemental nursing system, I just really want it to happen.  I know this can seem really weird, maybe even unnecessary to some, but I am beyond hopeful and excited.  I asked Bmom how she felt about it, and she said she was thrilled.  In so many words she told me she was happy that I would do that.  That I am his mother and that’s the best thing for him.  My heart almost exploded with love for her.  I hope to be in the delivery room so he will never get a bottle, if not, I hope I have been able to pump enough so they can only feed him that while in the hospital.


2 thoughts on “nothing much

  1. I think having a book shower is a good way to go. I also don’t think inducing lactation is weird, and I wish I would have done it/attempted it with my two. I honestly didn’t really know it existed with the first, and our second adoption went so much faster than we thought it would, it was not really an option by the time I considered it. I think it would have helped with our bonding and attachment.

    • Thank you Molly! I was only able to breast feed Pumpkin for a a couple of months before my milk dried out. I listened to the doctor when she said there was nothing I could do and it was a normal reaction from all the trauma my body went through. I’m going to be pretty heartbroken if it doesn’t work. God gave me these huge knockers for a reason. hahah

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