Have you heard of the Adopt Shoppe?

This adoptive mother makes these beautiful necklaces with a religious or adoption theme to them.  She offered to do a fundraiser for 2 adoptive families to help with their adoption costs.  250+ people responded asking for help with their adoption.   Late last night I got a text from my friend telling me that I won.  I didn’t believe her, and when I went to the computer I was in shock.  A crying mess, obviously (would you expect otherwise).   I am SOOO grateful and can’t believe that I have this opportunity.  I thought the only fundraiser we would have was our photoshoot fundraiser.  Well, obviously God had different plans.  I am just so blessed that we have this opportunity.

So, when we get the necklaces I will post a link to my fundraiser page.  It will be an auction and whoever bids highest wins.

So, please check out Kate’s shop  (she does random sales and her facebook page is the best way to see when her sales will be… her stuff sells out in seconds.)

So a HUGE thank you to Kate!!  Hopefully you will all fall in love with a necklace you just HAVE to have and you can help us support our adoption 😉


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