ok, so I write all of my posts at the end of the previous week before they are posted… that didn’t happen last week.  So I doubt you will get a post tomorrow.  Sorry if I have you at the edge of your seat. hahah


I did want to talk about this.  

Honey and Pumpkin go to an AMAZING school. We camped out for it.  It is rated A+ (excellent with distinction).  It is a public magnet school.  Since it is magnet it isn’t the most diverse school.  It is, but not as much as I’d like.  There are a few black kids in each class. There are Indian kids, Ethiopian, HIspanic etc.  So it’s not all white.  The teaching staff is very diverse with it probably being 60/40.  There are 4 transracial, from adoption, families that I know of in Honey’s class.  While I would love for their school to have more diversity (in fact there is a whole comity in the school to address the subject, which I want to join but with the babies it’s just not working out right now) I don’t want to sacrifice an education ONLY to have more diversity.

I know how important it is to raise her in a diverse neighborhood.  Our street is about 50/50.  It is a perfect balance. I know all of this.  But the truth of the matter is that our city is VERY racially divided.  As awful as that is to say, most black people live in one neighborhood.  And most white people live in another neighborhood.  It is not very common to have this 50/50 ratio in our city.  

Ok, my point, some kid on the playground yesterday made fun of Honey’s hair.  He told her it was silly. I know that’s not the worst, but I was never made fun of growing up and it’s one of my biggest fears as a parent in today’s world. I asked her what she thought and she just said that it’s silly.  I asked her who said it, and I didn’t know him.  I wanted to ask if he had brown skin or peach skin, but I didn’t.  I did say, “your hair is beautiful.  It’s NOT silly. You can do so much with it. You tell that boy tomorrow that your hair is NOT Silly.”  This was always my fear with Honey.  That she would easily be picked on and wouldn’t stand up for herself.  Now if Pumpkin was there, she would have stood up to him for her.  Was she made fun of because I am a white mom doing her hair? Was she made fun of because of her race? Or am I totally overreacting? 

We could send Honey to the school literally right down the street.  It is probably 90% African America.  But would she get made fun of for having white parents? The school down the street has probably an F rating.  

Parenting is rough. 


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  1. All of your children are beautiful but I will have to say that your daughters are breath-takingly beautiful. I think being a kid is hard for some, easy for others, no matter the color of skin or “silly” hair.

  2. Ok, ratings are not everything. My school is rated an F currently, but the teachers in it are damn good. The report card ratings are based on a lot of variables. One thing I would suggest looking at is the value added score. We got an “A” on that, beating all but one school in our county. This tells you that the students are getting the most value possible out of their education whereas the overall rating factors in things like attendance, which, no matter how much they try, schools cannot control. Bottom line, don’t judge based solely on the overall rating. I would suggest, before trying to make a decision, that you contact the school. Ask to go on a tour, ask hard questions about what the school has to offer, ask about value added. Go into it, and see for yourself what’s going on. I can assure you, for example, that if you spent a day in my school, you wouldn’t see a school that deserves an F.

    So, my advice is do your research and get into the school After that, then you can really begin to consider if this is what you want to do. 🙂 Let me know if you need help or have more questions about the rating system.

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