Breast feeding

I REALLY want to breast feed Koala.  You guys know I started the process a while ago, but quit and then started trying this   Since bmom is now 33 weeks!!! I have stopped taking the birth control and am now only on domperidone and herbal lactation pill.  I have been pumping for about a week now, and there is milk! While not a lot of milk, I am praying it increases before Koala is here.  I am getting about 30 drops in my right breast and about 10 in my left.  This is a much greater improvement from the method I was trying before.  And seeing the milk gives me inspiration to keep going.  I still need to order the supplemental nursing system, but hopefully he won’t be here too soon. I really can’t believe he will be here in a month (hopefully not less)! 


6 thoughts on “Breast feeding

  1. How exciting! The amount you are producing sounds typical for a pregnant woman, so don’t feel like it isn’t enough. Once he latches, your body response will kick in and start producing for him. Even if it takes a couple of weeks after he’s born to build up a full supply. Good luck!

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