I am so grateful for the support we got from all of our kids adoptions, I wanted to say thank you! I bought this sweet necklace at Kate’s sale, and with her approval, it is yours to win!

Let Go(d) from The Adopt Shoppe


Here are the rules:

– This closes Wednesday February 5th at 8pm eastern time.

– to enter, you write what number comment you are (look at the comment above you if you don’t know what # you are)( just to be clear, count what number you are from the comments above you)  in the comment and…

– please leave your email address in the comments.  I am not very tech savvy and am not sure if I will be able to find it, if it’s not right in front of my face.

– only one comment per person.  If you leave more than one, you will be removed from the drawing.  Cheaters are no good. hahaha

so your comment would look like this-   “Thank you Kate for allowing me to do this… #1”

(there are no other rules.  you don’t have to share my blog.  you don’t have to post it to pintrest.  nothing but comment with a number and email)

Does that make sense? I hope so. hahahah

Good Luck! And THANK YOU!!!! I am just so blessed and am so in love with my family, I wanted to give back, even in the smallest way possible.


16 thoughts on “Giveaway

  1. I love every single one of these that I have ever seen, but there was never a reminder that I needed hanging around my neck more than this one:) Love you!
    Thanks for the share, Andrea, always happy for a reminder to read this loving blog:) # 2, I think

  2. Thank you for this sweet giveaway!! I love my coffee necklace I bought from Kate during our international adoption process and now would love to where this one daily as a good reminder while we adjust to being home together!!!

    #6 (ha which made me smile as we are now a family of 6)

    God bless!

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