Can’t get out of the fostercare world

Emotionally.  There needs to be a reform and I don’t know how to make that happen. One of my few foster care friends called me and said, guess who just called me?  The foster agency is placing her previous placement from years ago.  They are back in the system.  Only now, the oldest M wasn’t part of the description and there are two more babies.  This just BREAKS my heart! Those boys should have been adopted YEARS ago. We did respite for them a few times and we would have adopted them, their previous foster family (who’s care they were removed because they wanted to adopt them) I am so sick of birthparents getting chance after chance to mess these kids up.  It is SO obvious what birthparents make great parents and who don’t.  You can tell that by one month.  You can certainly tell by 6.  And guess what, if having their children taken away doesn’t make them want to turn their life around, nothing will.  People used to say to me, “oh I could never foster, I would love the kids too much” and I would say, “you are supposed to love them.  This could be the only time in their life where they felt love”.  My how that sounds great in theory.  But the truth is, the county doesn’t want you to love them.  I loved EVERY child that stepped into my house too much.  It’s heartbreaking.  So lets see what happens in this new round of the circus.  Hopefully these kids will finally have some permanency they should have gotten years ago.


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