15 months!?!

Did you know Bill Clinton signed a law into effect that children in foster care longer than 15 months should have parental rights terminated so they can be adopted, or reunified, and given permanency? I had NO clue! There is a petition going around for the government to enforce this! PLEASE sign and SHARE


As always, thank you to the amazing Rebecca for bringing this to light.



Time to say goodbye

I am officially quitting my blog.  (not a surprise to any of you).  Having 5 kids, I really haven’t had time to post and when I get down time, I just want it to be down time and not an obligation.  I was planning on continuing blogging, but then I read this


And I am sick to my stomach.  People are weird. I hope I was able to help some people struggling with infertility/ adoption/ fostering.  I hope I was able to give you some hope.  We sure had a difficult road, but my heart is complete.  If you have been following our journey since the beginning and would like a link to other, more private, social media comment with your email and link to your blog.


we have our newest addition. I can’t believe how blessed we’ve been. Introducing Apple! She came to us on Sunday with our new private agency. We were officially waiting with them about a week. It’s crazy to think about. If we would have waited to send our profile books until we got home from vacation, we would have missed out on our daughter. God sure knows what He’s doing. We are so insanely in love and our family is complete.

Not a day goes by where I don’t think of my sons’ birthparents and pray for them and thank them.

When I saw this pin I got so excited.  YES! Someone else gets it!

In this day and age it is pretty uncommon to have a closed adoption. I think a lot of couples going into adoption think they want it closed.  Birthparents seem threatening. I can understand that.  But the second your agency educates you on what it is to have openness, I don’t understand not changing your mind.  I guess that’s where things go sour though.  If you don’t have a good agency and you only have one that makes you read a book or little more than total non education, I can see how your opinion would not change.

I have experienced more loss than the typical adoptive parent.  And I think the struggle I went/go through with Sweet Potato, Peanut, and Petunia make me more empathetic to the loss that the birthparents feel.  I don’t know if that the truth or not but that’s kind of how I feel.

I LOVE our boys birthparents.  Like Love Love them.  Both of them.

And with that, I think it’s time I tried to reach out to Honey’s birthparents.   She goes back and forth, in extremes, one minute wanting me to and the next desperately not.  But I think it’s time.  I want to reach out to her and give her a place to reach out to me.  Our agency said they would be able to send it totally confidential.  We will need to build a slow healthy relationship.  If at any point Honey doesn’t want to or is acting out, we will cut off contact.  She comes first.  Her story is different than the boys.  She was hurt, badly, by her birthparents.  They were not ideal.  Hence why they were cut off from her and placed with us.  That decision was made for my girl.  It was not an act of love.  She was harmed and it was proven that going back to her birthparents would be even more harmful.   I understand fighting for your child. I understand why she didn’t want to let her go.  But there is a selfishness that comes with allowing your child to fester in foster care for years.

I am going to open myself up, see where things go, and hope to find love for Honey’s birthparents.  They are part of her.  I need to let my resentment go for the harm they caused my sweet girl.  So here it goes.  The first draft of my letter.

Giveaway winner

Well to be honest, I am grateful that more people didn’t enter since wordpress wasn’t posting comments in order that they came in  I am crazy sick, so I’m sorry for posting this late.

The winner of the necklace is…


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CARRIE! I will email you shortly to get your address! Congratulations and thank you to everyone that helped us along the way.  Thank you for the prayers.  The words of encouragement. The financial blessing.  Everything.  It means the world to me and I am just so in love with my family.  When I learned about my hysterectomy, I just never thought my dreams I had for my family would come true.

Can’t get out of the fostercare world

Emotionally.  There needs to be a reform and I don’t know how to make that happen. One of my few foster care friends called me and said, guess who just called me?  The foster agency is placing her previous placement from years ago.  They are back in the system.  Only now, the oldest M wasn’t part of the description and there are two more babies.  This just BREAKS my heart! Those boys should have been adopted YEARS ago. We did respite for them a few times and we would have adopted them, their previous foster family (who’s care they were removed because they wanted to adopt them) I am so sick of birthparents getting chance after chance to mess these kids up.  It is SO obvious what birthparents make great parents and who don’t.  You can tell that by one month.  You can certainly tell by 6.  And guess what, if having their children taken away doesn’t make them want to turn their life around, nothing will.  People used to say to me, “oh I could never foster, I would love the kids too much” and I would say, “you are supposed to love them.  This could be the only time in their life where they felt love”.  My how that sounds great in theory.  But the truth is, the county doesn’t want you to love them.  I loved EVERY child that stepped into my house too much.  It’s heartbreaking.  So lets see what happens in this new round of the circus.  Hopefully these kids will finally have some permanency they should have gotten years ago.




I am so grateful for the support we got from all of our kids adoptions, I wanted to say thank you! I bought this sweet necklace at Kate’s sale, and with her approval, it is yours to win!

Let Go(d) from The Adopt Shoppe


Here are the rules:

– This closes Wednesday February 5th at 8pm eastern time.

– to enter, you write what number comment you are (look at the comment above you if you don’t know what # you are)( just to be clear, count what number you are from the comments above you)  in the comment and…

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– only one comment per person.  If you leave more than one, you will be removed from the drawing.  Cheaters are no good. hahaha

so your comment would look like this-   “Thank you Kate for allowing me to do this… #1  ilovemykids@yahoo.com”

(there are no other rules.  you don’t have to share my blog.  you don’t have to post it to pintrest.  nothing but comment with a number and email)

Does that make sense? I hope so. hahahah

Good Luck! And THANK YOU!!!! I am just so blessed and am so in love with my family, I wanted to give back, even in the smallest way possible.