Before I met my husband I wanted to be a stay at home mom to five kids.  I met my husband and we settled on four babes.  After the birth of my daughter, Pumpkin, I nearly lost my life and my arm. Needless to say we looked into all of the avenues of adoption.  We became foster parents and were blessed with our daughter Honey. We’ve had four foster babies come in and out of our home: Sweet Potato, Cashew, Peanut, and Petunia.  Our hearts were destroyed after Sweet Potato left our home and after Peanut we started the path of a private domestic adoption.  We had two failed matches before we got our son, Bear.  All and all our wait was relatively short.   We started the process for baby #4, thinking we would be a tough sale with 3 kids, sooner rather than later. Two days later Bear’s bithmom found out she was expecting.  They asked us to parent a few months later.  That is Koala.

The beginning of our journey started here.



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