Time to say goodbye

I am officially quitting my blog.  (not a surprise to any of you).  Having 5 kids, I really haven’t had time to post and when I get down time, I just want it to be down time and not an obligation.  I was planning on continuing blogging, but then I read this


And I am sick to my stomach.  People are weird. I hope I was able to help some people struggling with infertility/ adoption/ fostering.  I hope I was able to give you some hope.  We sure had a difficult road, but my heart is complete.  If you have been following our journey since the beginning and would like a link to other, more private, social media comment with your email and link to your blog.


4 thoughts on “Time to say goodbye

  1. So sorry you want to stop blogging. Every parent grapples with what to share about their children on social media or publicly, it’s a constant battle. I do believe the weirdos who steal photos and play make believe are a tiny minority, and boy would I hate to see all of my favorite blogs and kid photos erased from existence! Because I have learned so much, and connected personally with many foster/adopt families through blogs. Do you plan to shut down even past posts? I don’t blog much but I am a real foster/adoptive mom and would love to follow you on social media.

  2. I will be so sorry to see you go, but I really can’t blame you; I do almost no social media and only blog privately because of my own issues surrounding privacy. Thanks for sharing your sweet family with us! I’ll miss you all!

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