The greatest day!

FINALLY! We officially became a family of 6 (in the eyes of the government).  OF COARSE, we were ten minutes late to our son’s adoption finalization. It was 1/4 till and the kids still weren’t in the car when I realized how late we were.  I went into scream mode.  “EVERYONE IN THE CAR NOW!” We ran, forgot our phones, my MIL was following us at a red light I had the Hubs jump out of the car grab her phone and get back in.  We got there in record time and I was able to call my mom to tell our social worker we were on our way.  Somehow the judge came out and asked if we were ready about 2 minutes before we got there.  My dad was waiting outside for us and paid for our parking spot.  I literally threw my keys at the parking attendant and we RAN! We lost Mimi on the way though.  Our judge was nice enough.  I shouldn’t have brought my “nicer” camera, all of the pictures were out of focus.

Same as with Bear’s, we went to the restaurant my dad eats at EVERY DAY.  He works at the courthouse and wanted to show off his grandbabies.

After we said good bye to everyone, we went to the butterfly show.

Pumpkin was picking up butterflies left and right.

Two landed on her bottom

Honey is all about the chase.  Once she gets one she is over it and on to the next.

Bear was way more into the ramp (he just walked up and down over and over) but he did stop when Pumpkin showed him hers.

As you can imagine, it’s sort of a butterfly massacre so they release butterflies to make up for the ones that didn’t make it.  Pumpkin asked the scientist 100 questions during the release.

Bear was exhausted at this point.

This was just before Pumpkin got in trouble for using her hands.  Really she was probably the only kid they didn’t need to worry about.

This kid on the other hand…

At this point Honey was over it and more into the map.

My beautiful beautiful kids.  My world.

After the butterfly show, we should have gone home.  But we went on.  We got our first swim on of the season.

Koala loved it! Of coarse

After this, we rushed home to meet the in laws at the same Italian restaurant we celebrated Bear’s finalization and where we took Bmom and Bdad when we first met out of the agency, and where our rehearsal dinner was.

Minus being late to our son’s finalization, it was an AMAZING day!


One thought on “The greatest day!

  1. I’m catching up on some blog readying (way behind ever since Firefly came and then left…) I’m smiling at the being late for adoption finalization. “You know it’s your 3rd adoption when…” Truthfully, we were almost late for Ali’s finalization but it was because we went to the wrong courthouse. We rushed like crazy in panic mode to get to the right place but then we had to wait around for half an hour anyway. Enough time to relax! Happy Adoption Day, Koala!

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